Flipbelt: The Workout Lifesaver

About two weeks ago, Greg (husband) and I decided to pick up a new sport and hobby to do together as a couple… golfing. This was happening all during the Masters and it was my first time, not his. We decided to do 18 holes of golf and I learned something amazing, I’m pretty good at it. Yes, not once did I hit my golf ball into the water or over yonder somewhere into the trees and shrubbery.  A natural, if you will. But, golf wouldn’t be as exciting if I couldn’t order Bloody Mary’s from the clubhouse and drive around in a golf cart. Am I right?! Well two Bloody Mary’s later, I decided to put my iPhone 4s into the pocket of my slippery dri-fit Nike jacket. Big mistake. When Greg put the golf cart into reverse, my lovely up-to-date iPhone 4s decided to take a leap of faith. Cracked! Shattered! Ruined! Was I upset? Absolutely not. I decided to take this opportunity to use my upgrade with Verizon that I’ve had for almost two years. But it sure did suck not having a phone for 4 days. So, Thursday rolls around and I finally get my amazing, sleek and large iPhone 6 Plus. Completely in love with my phone. Seriously the best. Only there is one thing…I can’t workout and go to the gym with it. There is hardly anything that will support or hold this mini iPad while I workout! And then the researching began. Voila! The Flipbelt. Whoever invented this “belt” is a genius. The Flipbelt comes in about 10 amazing colors, I got hot pink of course but mock my words, I WILL own every single color. It’s machine washable and comes in 5 different sizes. There are multiple little “slits” or pockets where you can store your money, debit/credit cards, wedding band, a little hook for your keys, and yes..even my iPhone 6 PLUS fits! I generally do the Stairmaster for cardio or go jogging and this belt is perfect. It’s also great for lifting weights and I don’t have to put down my phone and not listen to music while I’m doing squats. It doesn’t move out of place or ride up my waist. Hands free is the way to be! If you’re looking to get one, I suggest checking out Bed Bath and Beyond online since they don’t have it in stores or the actual website where they are sold.

Here it is on me yesterday before I went to the gym!

Hot Pink Flipbelt