Knocked Up…Then Knocked Down

Ectopic Pregnancy

Okay, so if ya’ll can remember, there was a 2-3 week time period where I took a hiatus from writing any blogs, recipes, and even (gasp) not posted on Instagram! When I finally did post, I briefly mentioned how the husband and I were going through a difficult time. Well, I’m finally ready to share to the world what was happening and why I withdrew myself from everything. I also want to share my story in case there are any others of you going through, have gone through, or (God forbid) may go through with what I went through. Also, I warn you, this post might be a little TMI. 

A couple of months ago I shared with y’all our honeymoon adventures in St. Lucia. About two weeks after that, the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend to be exact, Greg and I had scheduled an appointment with an infertility doctor. We weren’t trying to have a baby or anything, but we did want to see what our options were when we finally did decide to bring a precious angel into this world. We are the type who want to be very well established, travel, and enjoy marriage before deciding to have a baby. We met with our doctor and he gave us very good advice. Very personable, compassionate, and we connected with him a lot. That’s exactly what I like to see in a doctor. Well if any of you have ever been to an infertility clinic, LOTS and I mean LOTS of blood work has to be done. Ugh…I can’t express enough my hate for needles. To say the least, I had my blood drawn the first day. I also had to schedule an appointment for an HSG X-Ray. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a standard procedure many patients have to have done to make sure nothing is blocking the fallopian tubes, etc. That test was scheduled 4 days after our first appointment, that Saturday. 

I hadn’t heard from the doctor about the results from my first blood work, which was odd I guess. I didn’t think anything of it since it was just for general information (blood type, all that stuff). Flash forward to Saturday…Greg and I arrive at the doctors and he waited in a private waiting room while I prepared for my X-Ray. I had to pee in a cup, no surprise there. Standard rule. I undressed in my X-Ray room from waist down, laid on the table or whatever that thing is, and waited. A nurse and a doctor came in. As I waited, I really didn’t think anything of it at the time, but after they came into my room, they whispered, a lot. The doctor came over to me and asked if I had ever taken a pregnancy test before. I told her no. I had never had the need to! Well, three pregnancy tests and two blood tests later, I’m PREGNANT! I cried. A lot. I was in shock! The X-Ray couldn’t be done, because it would harm the baby, so they sent me off to Greg and I told him the news. He too was in total shock. I was about 4 weeks pregnant. 

So many thoughts ran through my mind. I had to start eating better, I was scared to do any vigorous activities, just being overly cautious about my little poppy seed. They called me later that day to confirm my levels and to schedule another appointment to make sure my levels were doubling like they should. I had to get blood work done every two days. Well, here comes the sad part. My levels were rising, but not doubling. And all I kept hearing from the doctors was “this might not be viable” or “we are suspecting an ectopic pregnancy”. Great. I mean being told not to get your hopes up is easier said than done. I had so much hope and believed everything would work out. But hope for the best and expect the worst, right? About two weeks of this went on. This was the most physically and emotionally draining thing I have ever been through in my life. I wanted the baby so bad, but I also started to get upset and think of it as a setback, because we could have started infertility treatments already. Everything happens for a reason.

Mid June, around 6-8 weeks, we had an ultrasound done. Nothing. They couldn’t locate the fetus anywhere. It was then they diagnosed it as an Ectopic Pregnancy. So, for those who have no idea what that is, it basically means “not where it’s supposed to be”. I was indeed pregnant, but the baby was growing in my left fallopian tube. A big life threatening incident. They said if it didn’t miscarry, or I didn’t decide to terminate, my tubes would burst and I would have to go into emergency surgery possibly risking my life or risking never being able to get pregnant and have a baby..ever. 

So through a lot of conversation and tears, Greg and I decided to induce a miscarriage. Hello methotrexate shot. I will forever hate that word. I was crushed. I was losing my first pregnancy and my honeymoon baby! Who would have thought we would have conceived on our honeymoon. How often does that happen, right? I went into the doctor, had two doses of the shot, one in each butt cheek..OUCH. Longest needle ever. Or it seemed that way anyway. 4 days after the shot we lost the baby 😦 Hell, I didn’t even know the sex of my baby and I was already so attached. How can you love something you’ve never met? Even writing this blog is bringing back sorrow. 

Anyway, now our goal and main concern is for my HCG levels to drop. They were at a 970 and were dropping the way they should. I had my blood work done last Monday, and they were at a 37. Now I’m waiting on them to hit negatives and then return to 0. As soon as they hit 0, we have the okay to start trying for a baby. Since I had blood work done this morning, we will find out where they are this afternoon. 

Since all of this, I feel like my moods haven’t been the same. Such an emotional drain. And through this whole process, I have had such an amazing, caring, understanding, loving and helpful husband. I really and truly have found a King who takes care of his Queen. While I was pregnant, he wouldn’t let me lift a finger! ..brought me flowers and was just always there.  So I am prepared and excited for when the real deal happens. Greg will be a wonderful father. But I want all other couples out there to know that you are not alone! Many first time pregnancies result in miscarriage, sadly and Ectopic pregnancies are heartbreaking. But Greg and I and the doctors are very positive for the future. Even though we weren’t trying for a baby we will have one in the future! So for now, we are enjoying life. And we are ready for whatever else it has to throw in our way! Just taking it one day at a time 🙂

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

And I’m back again! It’s almost been two weeks since my last post and I apologize for that, but Greg and I were FINALLY (two months after our wedding) on our honeymoon! We left April 30th for the beautiful, tropical, mountainous ST. LUCIA. What a gorgeous place!! So let me recap on our adventures 🙂

We left home to board our 10 AM flight. Although this was neither of ours first time flying international, Greg and I were a bit confused as to where the international departures were at the Atlanta airport. Give us a break, it was early! 6 AM early! We found it, took the park and ride, went through security, etc. etc. Just like our LA trip, or any trip for that matter, we like to get to places a little early to have a little drinky drink. We found our terminal and found the nearest airport bar…which so happened to be a TGIFridays. It did the job. 

Our drinks and our passports. 

Passport to St. Lucia

The flight from Atlanta to St. Lucia was roughly a 4 1/2 hour flight. So not too bad. We had a few beers and glasses of wine to pass the time. When we finally landed, we exited the plane down some stairs directly outside. I felt like a celebrity who had taken a private jet! We went through customs, which took AN HOUR (the line was so ridiculous) and to top off the celebrity status, we took a private car (Lexus) to our first resort, St. Lucian by Rex Resorts. My hubby is so good to me. Our driver was such a good tour guide. Telling us everything we wanted to know about the culture, the islands, food…ANYTHING you can think of, our driver knew. SO knowledgeable. He even offered us beer for the ride! The Piton (Pee-ton) beer, which is only available and brewed on the islands. Apparently, according to some St. Lucians, their motto is “Drink and drive, smoke and fly.”

Piton Beer

Our driver stopped at the lookout mountain point for us to take in the views of the ocean and small villages. Meanwhile, a man who was trying to sell cigars haggled us which we kept refusing, and he decided to play the wedding march on his harmonica. Interesting. 

Lookout Mountain St. Lucia

Me and Hubs 🙂 Shirt and Palazzo Pants from TJ Maxx

Lookout Point St. Lucia

An hour and half later, we finally arrive at our first resort. It’s located in Gros Islet on Rodney Bay Beach. The beach was beautiful and clean and the resort was mediocre. The staff was fairly friendly and the rooms weren’t horrible. Since we were only staying for one night before heading over to our Sandals Resort, we had no complaints. 

Our bed in Our Room

St. Lucian by Rex Resorts Bed

And the View from Our Room

St. Lucian by Rex Resorts Room View

Greg and I went and had dinner on the resort, which was all-inclusive by the way, at an oriental restaurant. The manager was very sure that we would have to make reservations, which we did, but when we got there, we were the first people there and only 3 other couples came in after us…such a busy resort. We ate, the food was mediocre and cold, then checked out the sunset on the beach…which was spectacular.

Sunset view in St. Lucia

Great Photo Opportunity! Romper from Lizard Thicket, Wedges are Ralph Lauren, Purse is Michael Kors

St. Lucia Sunset

We had a few drinks at the main bar that night and laid out on the beach and watched the stars. We also met an older couple from the United Kingdom. They were on a two week long vacation and they were really nice. I don’t know what it is about me and Greg, but we rarely talk or make friends with couples our age. When we go out, you’ll find us talking and drinking with the parents of someone. Do we act too old for our age or something? Are we intimidating? I guess we’ll never know. Ha.  The next morning, we decided to take full advantage of our all-inclusive since check-out wasn’t until noon. We had a buffet breakfast by the water which was your average eggs, pancakes and bacon breakfast. Oh, and WARNING: St. Lucia is swarming with stray dogs and cats. We had several cats come and beg us for food on our trip here. Annoying, considering I LOATHE cats. Dogs, I can deal with. 

While laying out on the beach, we had a few frozen cocktails and some homeless guy tried to sell us an Aloe Vera plant for $10, which we could easily pick off a tree literally right next to us….for free. Thanks but no thanks, man. I also got a shot of my gorgeous ring (humble brag).

Typical Honeymoon Ring Shot by the Ocean (Engagement Ring Designer: Michael M)

Engagement Ring On Beach

We got ready for check-out and took a private car over to our next resort, Sandals Resort La Toc. The drive in was beautiful. The golf course was to our left and the ocean to our right. I was super excited about our 5 night stay here. We arrived earlier than our 3 PM check-in. But the front desk held our bags and we were able to take full advantage of our all-inclusive stay. We were hungry for lunch, so we stopped at a little restaurant called Neptunes. Ordered food and had drinks. 

Dirty Banana Frozen Drink

Dirty Banana Frozen Drink

Greg and I hung out by the pool for a little while until it was time to check-in. Our bags were brought to our room and we were greeted with a full refrigerator stocked with drinks, a bed with two swans kissing made out of towels, a welcome letter and a gorgeous view!

“We’re on our Honeymoon, please do not disturb!”

Sandals Honeymoon Welcome Letter

The AMAZING view from our room

Sandals La Toc Room View

That night, we ate dinner at Soy Sushi Bar. Which I would highly recommend. The Asian chef there was so polite and checked on us to see if we were enjoying our food. The service, however, super slow. Not to mention the waitress there had such a little attitude. Get it together, girl. Don’t roll your eyes at me, because you didn’t put in TWO orders of sashimi when I clearly asked for it.

After dinner, we went to the weekly Sandals Friday Night Street Party. They had a fire show, dance competition and other performances. Overall, it was a good time! SO much food and drinks available as well. They had a section where they would slice a coconut, fill rum in it with the coconut water and pop in a straw. Done. 

Sandals La Toc Friday Night Street Party

A little Coconut and Rum

Coconut Water and Rum

My dress is from Venus and wedges from Shoedazzle

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

The next day, Saturday, we decided to take a private boat tour on the gulf side of the island. Our tour guide fit the bill of your typical islander. He was also very informative and knew everything about the island. Which is expected considering he’s been touring for 10 years. He showed us bat caves,  Lover’s Cove and The Pitons. 

Lover's Cove St. Lucia

St. Lucia Ocean

St. Lucia Boat Tour

The Pitons St. Lucia

From The Pitons, we traveled through a small village in Soufriere, St. Lucia on our way to the volcanic mud baths. I didn’t get any pictures from this part of our adventure and I’m kicking myself for it. Greg and I scrubbed each other down with mud made from the volcanoes and we jumped into a 100 degree hot spring. Literally, 100 degrees. Talk about exfoliating and a hot tub. Afterwards, we visited an area called Marigot Bay. Huge homes and huge yachts. Marigot Bay was where parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It is also where Oprah Winfrey, George Foreman, and many other celebrities have vacation homes. 

Marigot Bay St. Lucia

Greg really wanted to go snorkeling. So that’s what we did. And by “we”, I mean the tour guide took us there, Greg snorkeled, and I sat in the boat and watched. I am terrified of ocean water. Everything about the ocean scares me, from the currents, the deepness, the critters…everything! NO way was I getting in. 

Some of the fish you could see from the boat

Tropical Fish St. Lucia

The snorkeling area we went to was right in front of another resort called Jade Mountain. It’s the most expensive resort on the island. It is also where one of the seasons of The Bachelor was filmed. 

Greg Snorkeling…looking like a pro.

Snorkeling in St. Lucia

After our 5 hour adventure of the day, we had reservations to go and eat dinner at Armandos, an Italian restaurant on the resort. The food was good but it could have been better if the pasta was cooked all the way. Chewy. 

Seafood Risotto

Seafood risotto

My outfit for the night. High Low open back Dress is from Venus and shoes are from Fab’rik

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Sunday morning we had a tee off time at 9 AM. Golfing is beginning to become a favorite hobby that my husband and I have picked up. So good thing we chose Sandals La Toc, because they’re a golf resort! The course is very hilly and narrow! Being my only second time playing golf ever, it was pretty difficult for me. Greg has played numerous times before, and he even said the course was rough. But, it was extra practice and we had fun! Oh, and I won 😉 

Trying to get a picture. 

Sandals La Toc Golf Resort


Sandals La Toc Golf resort

About to tee off

Sandals La Toc Golf Resort

After Golf Pool Selfie

Sandals La Toc Pool

Sunday night for dinner we ate at The Pitons restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of our meals which was BOMB. I had the Surf and Turf and Greg had Crab Cakes. I did, however, get a picture of my outfit for the night. Which like every other outfit I wore on the honeymoon, had an open or cut out back. But of course, no pics. 

Greg and I at the Piano Bar. Dress is from Fab’rik and Wedges (not pictured) Jessica Simpson

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Sunday night got a little rowdy at the Piano Bar. We spent all of Monday during the day napping and laying in bed. Recovering. What a way to spend the last full day of our honeymoon, right?! I did get another ring picture though. I know I know. I’m obsessed. My husband did such a fantastic job picking this baby out. 

Michael M Double Halo Split Shank

Monday night we had reservations at a French Restaurant, La Toc. But since our reservations weren’t until 9:15 PM we decided to hang out by the fire pit near the beach, sip cocktails and have conversation. 

Back of my outfit for dinner Monday night. Dress is from Venus.

Sandals La Toc Room Balcony

Hanging out by the fire pit

Fire Pit in St. Lucia

Newlywed Selfie

Newlyweds in St. Lucia

Dinner Time! La Toc dinner was by far one of our most favorite dinners. For appetizers, Greg got Frog Legs and I ordered Escargot for the very first time! I didn’t try the Frog Legs, which I was told tasted like chicken..typical. The Escargot were shell-less. Sauteed in butter and garlic sauce. I took a bite and it was a bit chewy. The texture was similar to that of a Mussel but a little mushier. Overall, it did not taste bad. However, me over thinking and realizing that what I was eating was in fact a snail, freaked me out. Therefore, I did not like it. It was too weird to me, but hey, at least I tried it right?!?! For our main, Greg and I both ordered lamb. DELICIOUS.

Frog Legs

Frog Legs La Toc


Escargot La Toc


Lamb La Toc

The Honeymoon was amazing and I was sad to leave Tuesday. But of course, just because the honeymoon was over doesn’t mean our jet setting life is! On to the next chapter 🙂

Bye, bye St. Lucia!!

St. Lucia Plane

St. Lucia Island from Plane

Waterfront in Hilton Head


Every now and then, Greg and I like to venture off from the usual Savannah atmosphere. My parents live near the Savannah area so whenever we go visit them, we spend a day in the beautiful historic city. Having my parents so close to the beach and Savannah is such an advantage! 

A new Tanger Outlet had just opened up in Pooler/Savannah a couple weeks ago and we decided to take a little shopping trip Saturday with my parents and check out what all the hype was about. The outlet was pretty big in size and I was surprised to see all the stores that they did have. It’s similar to the one in Hilton Head, minus a few stores like Ulta, and it’s way better than the Tanger in Locust Grove near Atlanta, which is missing several stores. We decided to hit our usual stores that we shop at such as Nike, J Crew, and Michael Kors. 

Oh, and here’s my outfit I wore for the day. A bright floral maxi dress I found at Tj Maxx for $16.99!

Floral Maxi Dress with Open Back

Nike: They were having a “40%” off sale. It was majorly packed and not many employees were around to help out. Greg ended up getting a pair of new kicks and I got a few workout pants and tanks. Now, I put “40%” in parenthesis, because this store will try to trick you. They have these signs everywhere with really no specifications on what is exactly on sale. While I thought mine and Greg’s new workout shorts were “40%” off, they absolutely were not, even though they were under a sign that said “40%” off.  We got charged full price. Tricky, tricky! 

J Crew: We have always loved this store. Every time we have been they have a 50% off EVERYTHING in store. Not this time. Which is fine, because we had tons of coupons for this store. We almost always get more bang for our buck while shopping here and the clothes are really cute, for men and women. I got a pair of shorts and a shirt, which you will see in my next blog post about our honeymoon trip we are taking this week 🙂 Greg got several shirts and dress pants and jeans. 

Michael Kors: Customer Service is impeccable. As soon as we walked in, a girl named Mariah greeted us and hardly ever left our side. Do they make commission there? I’m pretty sure they do. MK was having a special going on, spend $250 get 10% off, spend $500 get 20% off (or something like that). I ended up getting a crossbody bag and a purse for the price of just one! Amazing. 

The Cross Body Bag Original $200.00 

Sale $169.00

Michael Kors Cross Body Bag in Vanilla

I’ll be using this bag on our honeymoon. It fits my iPhone 6 Plus, lipstick, credit cards and passport. And the color, vanilla, matches everything!

Michael Kors Fulton Small Shoulder Flap in Mandarin Original $239.00

Sale $129.00

Michael Kors Fulton Small Shoulder Flap in Mandarin

This purse was surprisingly cheaper on sale than the cross body bag. And the color is perfect for Spring and Summer!

After shopping, we went to Hilton Head Island to have dinner by the water. We went to a place called Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks. Driving up, the view is gorgeous. Right on the water, beautiful sunset, and small sailboats passing by. It’s right next door to The Chart House which we will probably be trying next time. Anyway, when you first walk up to the restaurant, there’s a small gift shop on your left. Passed the gift shop there’s seating for outside on the dock with a view, but you have to go inside to see the hostess before you can be seated. Okay, cool. We went inside. When the door first opened, I caught a HUGE whiff of urine. Yes, urine. To my surprising, the men’s restroom was directly to my right. Why on earth is the restroom at the front entrance?! Haven’t they ever heard of first impressions? Funny enough, my husband didn’t smell the urine, neither did my dad. Baffling. I have a very strong nose. That, or I’m pregnant…hopefully the former. 

So we are seated. I can’t stress enough over how beautiful the view was. The table we were sat at was a high top table. The chairs weren’t all that comfortable for me. I couldn’t lean back because the back of the chair wasn’t high enough and I couldn’t sit all the way back because there was a huge opening in the seat and my small booty would poke out of it, painfully. I guess the restaurant is trying to teach good posture. Which, I guess, I lack. Anyway, we ordered drinks. I ordered a Pinot Noir, my go-to. Mom ordered a margarita. Dad ordered a peach margarita. Greg ordered a beer. 

Beer. Yum. 

Pint of Beer

The food was at best, average. My Salmon was cold, the rice was hard and chewy, and Greg ordered Shrimp and Grits which I tried and they were watery. 

Grilled Atlantic Salmon I Ordered with Honey Glaze

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

However, even though the food was not all that great, the dessert was delicious! Our waiter gave us free dessert!

Mud Pie “Enough For Two”

Mud Pie Cappuccino Ice Cream

While eating dinner, we saw dolphins in the water which I wish I had gotten a picture of. But I did get a picture of the sunset with the hubs 🙂

Hilton Head Sunset

All in all, it was a good day. I would recommend this restaurant for the view and the atmosphere. The food, not so much. And our waiter was a doll, even though it took about 500 hours to get everything. Which isn’t all that bad, because it gave us more time to enjoy the view 🙂

Flipbelt: The Workout Lifesaver

About two weeks ago, Greg (husband) and I decided to pick up a new sport and hobby to do together as a couple… golfing. This was happening all during the Masters and it was my first time, not his. We decided to do 18 holes of golf and I learned something amazing, I’m pretty good at it. Yes, not once did I hit my golf ball into the water or over yonder somewhere into the trees and shrubbery.  A natural, if you will. But, golf wouldn’t be as exciting if I couldn’t order Bloody Mary’s from the clubhouse and drive around in a golf cart. Am I right?! Well two Bloody Mary’s later, I decided to put my iPhone 4s into the pocket of my slippery dri-fit Nike jacket. Big mistake. When Greg put the golf cart into reverse, my lovely up-to-date iPhone 4s decided to take a leap of faith. Cracked! Shattered! Ruined! Was I upset? Absolutely not. I decided to take this opportunity to use my upgrade with Verizon that I’ve had for almost two years. But it sure did suck not having a phone for 4 days. So, Thursday rolls around and I finally get my amazing, sleek and large iPhone 6 Plus. Completely in love with my phone. Seriously the best. Only there is one thing…I can’t workout and go to the gym with it. There is hardly anything that will support or hold this mini iPad while I workout! And then the researching began. Voila! The Flipbelt. Whoever invented this “belt” is a genius. The Flipbelt comes in about 10 amazing colors, I got hot pink of course but mock my words, I WILL own every single color. It’s machine washable and comes in 5 different sizes. There are multiple little “slits” or pockets where you can store your money, debit/credit cards, wedding band, a little hook for your keys, and yes..even my iPhone 6 PLUS fits! I generally do the Stairmaster for cardio or go jogging and this belt is perfect. It’s also great for lifting weights and I don’t have to put down my phone and not listen to music while I’m doing squats. It doesn’t move out of place or ride up my waist. Hands free is the way to be! If you’re looking to get one, I suggest checking out Bed Bath and Beyond online since they don’t have it in stores or the actual website where they are sold.

Here it is on me yesterday before I went to the gym!

Hot Pink Flipbelt

Hooked On Hollywood

I’m baaaaack!! There is no way to describe the weekend I had in LA. Hubs and I went to celebrate for a friend’s “co-ed” bachelorette party. Freaking blast. But if there’s one thing I learned from this weekend, it’s that I can’t party like I used to. Being in my “prime”, I thought I would still have a little fight left in me. Definitely not the case. 27? More like 72. 

So, here’s a little recap from my amazing weekend and my first, but definitely not the last time on the west coast. 

Greg (husband) and I started Thursday night by packing and going on a mini booze run. We both get nervous on flights and what else can fix those jitters better than a little liquid courage? 

See, Liquid Courage.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

Flash forward to Friday morning. On the car ride there, we stopped at Chikfila for a little breakfast and mixers. Coke and orange juice. Oh, and if you don’t know what Chickfila is…Bless your Heart. You’re missing out on the best thing ever. Ask any southerner. So we chugged our drinks in the car in the parking lot at the airport. Classy, right? Checked in, checked our bags, went through security…have I mentioned how much I love flying Delta? Seriously, there is no other airline better than them. Every other airline, oh sayyy, United Airways, I thought I was going to die. Ugh. 

Anyway, since I like to arrive to everything 500 hours earlier than when I’m supposed to be there, we decided to hit up the airport bar. (I am NOT one to be late. And frankly, I hate people who are those “late arrivers”. Annoying.) We stopped at a little place called Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant and I ordered a Bloody Mary. A little too bloody, not enough Mary. Overall though, it did the job. 

Bloody Mary, yummm.

Bloody Mary

We finished our drinks and proceeded to our terminal. Which, by the way, boarded an hour late because of “bad weather”. Better safe than sorry I suppose. The flight was pretty smooth, which is expected from wonderful Delta Airlines and the view was amazing! Of course I had to steal the window seat and of course Greg let me. HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE. (That’s the motto, YOLO).

Typical “I’m Traveling Somewhere and I’m Rubbing It In Your Face” Picture

Airplane Wing and Clouds

Flash forward to 4 hours later. View over White Water, CA. (It snows in Cali)?

Airplane Mountain

After our flight we took a cab over to our hotel. We stayed at a little place called Venice Suites. Our room had a full kitchen, nice sized bed, and was overall pretty decent. The area…well, not really my style. Nothing says Welcome to California like a homeless man holding “Need Change for Hooker” sign. Way to block my view of the beach, dude.

Venice Beach.

Venice Beach California

However, Greg LOVED the area. I’m more of a Beverly Hills/West Hollywood type of  girl. 🙂

Our first night for dinner, we just did a little rooftop grilling with everyone else who was there for #LiLaLand (official hashtag). The view on the rooftop was amazing, and let’s be honest, so was my outfit 😉 

Long Sleeve Floral Romper with Pixie Tie: Lizard Thicket

Shoes: Shoedazzle

Long Sleeve Floral Romper with Pixie Tie

So we headed over to a bar called Bungalow. I actually loved the atmosphere, the decor, and the drinks. Moscow Mule is my go-to. But, not my favorite place. Why? Because the guys are douchy and can’t handle rejection. Which I will not get into. That’s for a whole ‘nother story. 

Bed time and flash forward to Saturday brunch. 

A Little Selfie Action Before Heading Over to Nikki’s Bar in Santa Monica

Sun Hat: J Crew

Floral Romper: Macy’s

Wedges: Target 

Sun Hat and Floral Romper

Nikki’s Bar had $10 bottomless Mimosa and Bloody Mary’s which you could switch back and forth. They had me at “bottomless”. But they didn’t have me at their service. Bleh. The waitress was a doll, but my goodness, was she slow. 


Nikki's Menu Venice Beach

And a few of us girls with the sexy bachelorette..

Bachelorette Brunch

After brunch, that was the point when I realized I couldn’t hang anymore. I mean, I guess I’m just not cool. Over the years my hangovers have become unbearable and 72 has set in. Everyone decided to head over to another bar over by the Santa Monica Pier. When we all got there, that was when my wonderful husband realized he left his wallet at the hotel. While most wives would be annoyed, I was Egg-STATIC. The first thought to run through my head..NAP TIME. I seriously needed a rejuvenation period. God was looking out for me. Amen.

Santa Monica Pier 

Santa Monica Pier

We get back to the hotel. Nap time ensues. Oh, and wallet was found.

6:30PM rolls around and it’s time to head to dinner. And guess what? Taking a nap was probably the worst decision ever. I was at the point where I wanted to keep sleeping. I know, lame right? Greg kept calling me grandma. He’s so sweet. But hey, I wasn’t too tired to get pictures.

Backless Jumpsuit: Lizard Thicket

Shoes: Fab’rik

Blue Jumpsuit

We stopped off at the famous PUMP restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump. I’m not sure if any of you watch Vanderpump Rules or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I’m a reality show junkie and I was in heaven. PUMP is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Like, it’s the best bar/restaurant I have ever been to. The ambient, atmosphere, everything. If you’re ever in West Hollywood…GO. We did get charged like $35 for two drinks. But what do you expect when you’re in one of the most richest areas of LA? Next stop, dinner at Tortilla Republic. The waiters and bartenders were super friendly. And Greg got hit on by more than one gay guy. Love it. 

Salmon Dinner

Tortilla Republic Salmon

Me and Hubby (Love this man)

The Hangry Wife

After dinner, we headed over to Lisa Vanderpump’s other “famous” restaurant, SUR. DO NOT GO HERE. Packed, sweaty, crowded, packed, small….did I mention it was packed? It looks NOTHING like it does on television. I’m pretty sure we stayed there for like literally 10 minutes. We didn’t even finish our drinks, which by the way were horrible. I ordered my go-to, Moscow Mule. Yuck. So much ice and not enough ginger beer. SUR is overrated. #SorryImNotSorry

At this point, we all made our way to our final destination where we had bottle service set up. Now, I would blog about this, but frankly dears, I don’t remember a damn thing. What I do remember though was that the club was called Warwick and it looked a bit sketchy. Your typical night club filled with sloppy drunks, scantily clad women, arrogant over ‘confident’ pricks, all run by DJ Douche. 

Overall, my experience in LA was great. What mattered the most though was that I got to visit a new city with my husband and celebrate one of my best friends on her nuptials. 

I am definitely paying for it today though. Time to recover from this hangover which will take like, 5 days. Happy Monday!

Lunch Experience at Hankook Taqueria, Atlanta, GA.

The hubby and I decided to try out a new restaurant for lunch called Hankook Taqueria. It’s not actually new, but new for us. It’s a mix of Korean food and Mexican food, which I certainly think is a genius idea. Both of my favorite foods! It’s located near Midtown off Collier Road in good ‘ol Atlanta. Driving there, I had no idea what to expect. Now, if any of you are familiar with the Atlanta area, one minute you’re in a well developed nice area like Brookhaven, then BOOM!, it looks like you just teleported into a third world country. This restaurant didn’t fit the description of either of those, but it was a huge hole in the wall. But aren’t hole in the walls usually the best foods? To answer the question, sometimes. Not all of the time but, sometimes.

So, we get out of our car, walk up to the door and enter inside this mysterious unknown establishment. Now I’m not going to lie, I thought there was going to be someone standing there ready to greet me, take me to my seat, and treat me like the Queen that I am. Nope. It’s like one of those “you order and tell them what you want as they make it in front of you” type places. Think Moe’s or Chipotle. Nothing wrong with that! So I begin to scroll through the laminated greasy menu for a good 5 minutes (did I mention I’m probably one of the most indecisive people on this earth?) and I decide to order the Dak Gogi (chicken) Tacos and the Dae Ji Gogi (pork) Tacos. These tacos are topped with spicy Korean bbq sauce, lettuce..lots and lots of lettuce, green onion, cabbage, sesame soy vinaigrette, lime, jack cheese, and my favorite…CILANTRO. What a combination! Husband decided to order Gogi Nachos, which has chips, jack cheese, sour cream, jalapenos and ribeye beef. The lady at the counter taking our order was super nice. Resembling Korean descent, I thought I would order my food in (our) native language (did I also mention that I’m half Korean?). To my surprise, she had no clue what I had just ordered. Now there’s nothing wrong with not knowing Korean, because I sure as hell don’t, but you would think working at this restaurant, she would at least know the names of the menu items. Right? Maybe I’m just being too hard on her. No, I’m not.

So we ordered, got our drinks and sat down and waited on our food, which was brought to our table. Fairly quickly, too. We started grubbing and WOW were my tacos delicious. The pork tacos were better than the chicken tacos, in my opinion. The pork just had more of that Korean flavor to it which I was looking for. Hubby’s nachos were ginormous and of decent quality. Pretty tasty. Both entrees we ordered though could have used a little more sauce. I’m the type of person to drench whatever I’m eating in tons of hot sauce, ketchup, ranch, or whatever sauce suited the meal I was eating. Overall, this place is great if you’re in a hurry, looking for an inexpensive meal, and want to lay low-key. Oh, and I almost forgot, they don’t serve alcohol. Bummer!! However, they do have two other locations Takorea in Midtown and Dunwoody, and those restaurants do. I’m pretty happy with my experience and look forward to trying their other locations. Here’s a picture of our order: Nachos on top and tacos on bottom.

Hangry Wife